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Pingy is now online and you can use it for free.But since we are curently hosting it on free host there might be some problems with application and bandwidth so we are still missing:

1.Lack of money for quality web hosting
2.Lack of money for quaity domain name

Project will remain free to use!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Pingy Alpha 2.0 is out

Finally Pingy 2.0 is out! With new version of program you will need to get the latest .NET Framework 4.0 Full Version,and there are lot of improvements:

Added Proxy for each Ping server!
Pinging 4x faster!
Added Estimated Pinging Time!
Added Elapsed Time...
Added possibility to minimize application into system tray!
No installation required (Only for .NET framework)

ATTENTION FOR ALL WEBMASTERS: If you want to promote your web site, you can change caption of the program in the left top corner by changing text file called Promote.txt and zipping it agian, and then you can upload/hyperlink it on your site or submit it on any software hosting site with your site adress in caption!

Setup :

1. Download Pingy Alpha 2.0 Zip File
2. Download and install .NET framework 4.0 Full Version
3. Run Pingy!