You can promote your site with Pingy for free!
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Pingy project is online
Go to Pingy Web pinging Application!

Pingy is now online and you can use it for free.But since we are curently hosting it on free host there might be some problems with application and bandwidth so we are still missing:

1.Lack of money for quality web hosting
2.Lack of money for quaity domain name

Project will remain free to use!

You can help by backlinking to us if you woud like to see project Pingy going online quicker ,which would help us increase traffic,promote it and with more traffic we will get more revenue to pay for expenses.

Thank you for you help in advance!

Promote your site with Pingy!

Pingy has in-built option to promote your site for free! Only thing you will have to do is to host it on your site,or submit it to software review/download sites! So this is tutorial how to use this free promotion!

1.Download Pingy
2.Unzip Pingy
3.Open Pingy Folder Files should look like this :

4.When you run Pingy it should look like this,you can see matching text in file Promote.txt and programs caption:

5.Now change promote file to whatever you want (eg. your website address) and SAVE IT :

6. Now run Pingy agian to make sure your website adress appears in caption!

7. Now you can see that text in the program's caption has changed to text that you altered in file Promote.txt.
8. Zip files all files in your Pingy folder,host it on your site or submit it to software download sites.

9. And you are set,now you can host it on your site,or upload it software sites,who ever download your copy  will see text that you have put in their caption,and will visit your site for more information!

That's it,hope you like it!